Genius Lovers is duet of two talented impower women from Russia, Alexandra Brichkovskaya and Anastasia Koshkina, who unite contemporary art, music and fashion in their art projects. Merging different art and sound therapy methods in unexpected ways has been paramount to the distinctive creative process which can be described as an inextricable bond between contemporary art and future-facing technology. 

Genius Lovers create their own vision for art and his place in the modern world. They use artificial intelligence and 3D installations, make NFTs and digital prints alongside with paintings on canvas and sound therapy music. Human emotions have become the leitmotif of creativity, where they find their expression through the means of visual and auditory art. The knowledge of meditation, energy and mental care helps them to find an approach to combine art with a healing sound therapy and art therapy methods, which help people to improve their emotional intellect and deal with mental problems as an anxiety, panic attacks and depression. 

People, their emotions and energy, new technologies and limitless opportunities of the universe are aspects that Genius Lovers draws inspiration from. Fashion, music and digital technologies are both expressions of self, culture and community that reflect the times and mindset of society. To artists opinion, Art therapy - it’s about finding connection with your soul, mind and body. Genius Lovers create the own-colored world united fashion designing, digital art and healing music, what they produce themselves. 

Genius Lovers is now working on three big projects, what are focused to help people with disabilities and mental health problems. They also support charity projects and find their mission to make the world brighter and more emotional free through their art.
Mental Booth is a new extraordinary art project by Genius Lovers, which is presented in the form of a cubic 3D installation, which is an art object and space for art therapy for people with mental health problems such as anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

The main mission of this object is to enable a person to express all their accumulated emotions, to cope with negative emotions through art and sound therapy, which takes place due to immersion in virtual reality using VR glasses. The playlist for a session of immersion in virtual reality through sound therapy was created on the basis of a mix of various sound therapy techniques, which has absorbed the methods and the latest research of physicists, neurophysiologists, and psychiatrists

Mental Booth is an environmentally friendly art space where a person is given the opportunity to draw, write, express their emotions while creating an energetically comfortable environment for him, where his energy centers will be balanced and allows to remove the emotional block in the expression of his feelings and emotions.

This art object can also serve as a platform for collaborations of various companies and brands that actively support the topic of mental health and its importance in the modern world.

Removable panels of this cube make it possible to have integrations with companies who support the mental health problems such as mental health organizations. This project is planned to be presented at the City Hall of New York City, as well as to build it in 2022.

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