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Mental Booth is a new extraordinary art project by Genius Lovers, which is presented in the form of a cubic 3D installation, which is an art object and space for art therapy for people with mental health problems such as anxiety, panic attacks and depression.
3D installation in the form of a cube measuring 3 by 3 square meters is an art space. Inside the cube there is a comfortable room with a soft sofa and a table and a rack for personal belongings. There is a water cooler in the room, a stand, where iPad and VR glasses are located. Also, for a session of art therapy, a person is offered headphones that are connected to the iPad and a person can choose meditative music for himself, which will tune him to a certain wave and help to calm down and get rid of anxiety.

The walls of the room are covered with special foam rubber in accordance with the requirements of sound insulation and sound absorption. Sound absorption is achieved by attaching the paralon to the walls and ceiling. These materials have a high rate of absorption (damping) of audio waves at certain frequencies, which helps to remove echo (natural reverberation). Also, the Cube is equipped with ventilation for a comfortable stay of a person in it.

From the outside, the cube looks like an art object made of various materials, such as metal, glass, plastic, wood, depending on the location of this Art Object.

Each cube is unique and carries cultural value. Part of the cube consists of removable panels, which can be changed depending on the collaborations with different brands and mental health organizations.
mental booth
mental booth
This cube is a cultural art object. It is of value as an art object and serves to educate the population in the field of contemporary art.

The main mission of this object is to enable a person to express all their accumulated emotions, to cope with anxiety, panic attacks, depression through art and sound therapy, which takes place due to immersion in virtual reality using VR glasses. The therapeutic effect of this object is achieved through the three functions of this space:

1) A space for solitude from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, where a person can go through an art and sound therapy session on himself, creating his own reality in VR glasses and a special meditative playlist that immerses you in a peaceful state.

Each person can choose a virtual canvas through the iPad and put on VR glasses to draw all their emotions that he couldn’t express in real life because of different reasons. He can draw pain, fear, anger, doubts, manifest everything that he hid inside himself through a virtual drawing program. At this time, special meditative music will be played in the headphones, specially written according to the methods of sound therapy and used such instruments as the bell ringing and the ringing beat, which are able to relieve a person from a stressful state, help to quickly undergo psychotherapeutic rehabilitation, and sooner return to normal life after extreme nervous shocks. The sound of the bell helps a person to create inner rhythm, to find harmony.

Also, in the special playlist we use the resonance frequency therapy technique and the acoustic capture technique. Resonant Frequency Therapy is based on the idea that every part of our body vibrates at a specific resonant frequency. If the balance is disturbed in it and the frequency changes, then the treatment occurs by restoring this resonant frequency. Based on this method, kimatic therapy (kimatherapy) has been developed, which uses five different tones. The acoustic capture technique is based on the use of asynchronous frequencies to initiate acoustic capture. We use binaural instruments such as Peruvian whistling vessels and Tibetan singing bowls to create therapeutic meditation music. Conditions worth working with in this case are learning disabilities, depression, stress. Research has shown that sound therapy is often used in hospitals and hospices to relieve pain and tension. Also, this method can correct all kinds of emotional changes.

2) The second direction in art therapy that we offer is the ability to write out all your emotions, write a letter to another person with whom you are afraid to talk in real life, overcome fear and admit all his feelings. This can be a letter to a person who is no longer alive or to someone with whom your paths parted, but there are still unspoken feelings. A person draws or writes with a stylus in an Ipad put on VR glasses to the accompaniment of meditative music written specifically for this project. In the drawing program there is a color range for choosing a specific color, a set of objects for drawing (brushes, pencils, pens), as well as a choice of paints. A person creates a drawing of his emotions in real time. These can be not only negative emotions, but also positive emotions that he wants to share with someone with whom there is no opportunity to meet in real life (distant relatives, a husband who serves in the army, a child in an exchange school in another country). This picture or letter can be received by email after the session is over.

3) The ability to simulate a real person in virtual reality and have a conversation with him in real time. Every person have an opportunity mention in the application for an art therapy session in Mental Booth, that he would like to choose the function to talk to person that you are not available to see in real life. A person enters through the website into the system of building a virtual character and selects his external data from the proposed variations. You can make it looks like your father or wife that are not with you anymore. When the character is created, the person chooses the "upload to server" function and the character is automatically uploaded to the VR glasses system. When he gets to his session in Mental Booth, he can talk, hug this character in virtual reality through the projection in VR glasses.

This technology is used by psychologists in working with patients and is called transference, where the patient talks with the psychologist as with the person he represents. Here there will be an opportunity not only to imagine, see, express, talk with your character, but also interact with him tactilely. The main focus of this space is to allow a person to create their own reality and experience their emotions in it. Sound therapy allows a person to reduce anxiety and tune in with their biorhythms.
VR glasses are a specialized device capable of simulating a variety of audiovisual 3D spaces. Consists of a plastic (less often cardboard) body, a screen with a partition and aspherical lenses that focus the image. The effect of presence is created due to the adaptive transmission of the image to each eye separately and the tracking of all head movements with a gyroscope and accelerometer.
In our project, we use the next generation Oculus Quest VR glasses.

The image is transmitted to an internal OLED display with a resolution of 3200x1440 (1600x1440 for each eye) at a refresh rate of 72 Hz. The resulting picture is clear, bright, contrasting. The interpupillary distance is adjustable, and if the user has vision problems, a special tab will help, allowing you to use the headset without removing your personal glasses with diopters.
Six degrees of freedom without wires and additional external sensors;
High performance motion tracking technology, positioning Oculus Insight with 4 wide-angle cameras;
Setting the boundaries of a safe zone of activity using the Oculus Guardian system in order to prevent collisions with objects in the room (to avoid injury and destruction); Own 8-core Snapdragon 835 processor, 4 Gb of RAM;
Built-in 3D sound.

mental booth
The playlist for a session of immersion in virtual reality through sound therapy was created on the basis of a mix of various sound therapy techniques, which has absorbed the methods and the latest research of physicists, neurophysiologists, and psychiatrists. Music with golden ratio beats and bells is therapeutic relaxing music that acts on the energy centers of a person and provides resonance.

The method makes it possible to increase the efficiency of restoring the working capacity of the human body by relieving psychophysiological stress, neutralizing fears and panic states, removing it from a state of stress or depression, or by neutralizing psychosomatic conditions, relieving fatigue syndrome, improving the ability to learn and normalizing physiological processes in the body due to simultaneous sound impact on each ear through headphones. As a result, an effect is created on the patient with high and low frequencies, each of which resonates with a certain energy center of a person. The sound is simultaneously delivered in such a way that it affects the left and right ears equally.

The development of this therapeutic playlist became possible due to the research of the Doctor of Biological Sciences, the head of the LDL laboratory at the St. V.M. Bekhterev professor Valery Borisovich Slezin.
Before the research of Professor Slezin, science knew three states of human consciousness: wakefulness, slow and REM sleep. The difference between these states is due to the nature of the electrical impulses in the cerebral cortex. Now another condition has become known - a complete shutdown of the activity of the cerebral cortex with full consciousness. In this state, the cerebral cortex slows down so much that the perception of information by a person goes bypassing thought processes and analysis, while pathological connections between neurons are destroyed, a person relaxes and, most importantly, he gets rid of the fear of a disease! This condition is observed in newborn babies where the primary frequency of the delta rhythm is in the range of 2-3 Hz.

In an article by Dr. Gerald Oster (Sinai Medical Center, October 1973, Scientific American), the process of the emergence of binaural rhythms (beats) of the brain was described, which, in turn, were discovered in 1839 by the German researcher G.W. Dove. The bottom line is to reduce the frequency of the brain to 3 Hz, it is enough to put on headphones, where a signal is sent to different ears with a difference of 3 Hz. cm.

The American Monroe Institute has long been patented and widely used in medicine HemiSync technology. This technology is based on the achievement of different brain states (alpha and beta rhythms) when listening to sound with shifted frequencies in headphones for the emergence of binaural rhythms. But this technology does not use delta rhythms, nor does the sound affect the whole body. To solve this problem, experiments were carried out and special therapeutic beats of the golden section were developed, which, in terms of sound power, are comparable to traditional beats, but have a wider sound spectrum and, in terms of the number of overtones, are comparable to the Tibetan beats.

The connection between diseases of internal organs and the state of the chakras has been known from antiquity. The chakra (wheel) is represented as a center of energy, in which work is done to extract, transform and distribute energy. The amount of energy generated by the energy center is directly proportional to the potential of the vibrational environment of the chakra. The amount of energy present in the chakra must exceed the amount of energy required for the chakra to function normally. (Bahramov A.Kh., Kupchinsky O.A. Awakening. - M., Inter-scales, 1991, pp. 68 - 11; Abramovich A. Psychoenergetics.

At the moment, sound frequencies based on the "modal" system of Pythagoras and Plato are known: 174 Hz, 285 Hz, 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz and 963 Hz (Leonard G. Horowitz, 2011, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE p.cm. Manufacturedin the United States of America).

To control and create the necessary vibrational state in the human energy centers ( chakras), the process of self-regulation and self-organization of the body can be used as a process of establishing intrasystemic interaction through resonance (Prigogine I., Stengers I. Order from chaos. Moscow: Progress, 1986).

The specified vibrational state leads to an increase in the amount of energy of the body, produced by the energy centers "chakras" (Bakhramov A.Kh., Kupchinsky O.A. Awakening. - M., Inter-scales, 1991, pp. 68-11; Abramovich A. Psychoenergetics and self-regulation. - Vilnius, 1984, pp. 52 - 91).

In this case, a decrease in brain activity to a delta rhythm with a value of 3 Hz occurs, which introduces a person into a state of relaxation due to the destruction of the pathological connections between neurons that have arisen. As a result, all this leads to the normalization of the work of the whole organism.

mental booth
mental booth
Mental Booth is an environmentally friendly art space where a person is given the opportunity to draw, write, express their emotions while creating an energetically comfortable environment for him, where his energy centers will be balanced and allows to remove the emotional block in the expression of his feelings and emotions.

This technology is unique, as it combines new technologies of virtual reality and low-frequency resonant sound and has a cultural value and the goal of educating the population in the field of contemporary art.

This art object can also serve as a platform for collaborations of various companies and brands that actively support the topic of mental health and its importance in the modern world.

Removable panels of this cube make it possible to have integrations with companies who support the mental health problems such as mental health organizations. This project is planned to be presented at the City Hall of New York City, as well as to build it in 2022.

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