The 3D installation is a combination of visual art, fashion design and music. The main idea of our work is artistic self-expression through emotions. Below you can see the sketch. We created a volumetric 3D installation with full immersion in a certain state. Or it would be better to say, in a whole range of emotional states and experiences, since our first presentation work was born under the name "From Pain to Hope." Due to the combination of several types of art, any viewer will be able to immerse himself much deeper into the process. Every picture shown as an installation with the background song, created on the base of the main plot. So, you can feel the vibe much deeper. It shows the line of emotions the human goes through during the life, from the dark ones - as loneliness, pain, mental problems despair to the pure feelings as unconditional love, hope and happiness. Every part of the installation is complementary and reinforces the perception of the main idea - to convey a certain emotion through the visual or audial row.

The central idea of the composition: the image of the hands was not chosen by chance, it is a symbol of support and help for us from universe, our friends and beloved ones in difficult situations. It’s a symbol of care. Life never gives us something that we could not go through. Everyone had a personal transformation during all the life, where we all have the destiny which we should find and follow. That’s the reason we titled our first 3D installation - "From Pain to Hope." We are not alone, do not give up - there is always a way out. Live with open heart and mindset give you all the answers. If you need help – just ask. Don’t be shy to go through it alone. It is important to mention that you may write all your emotions on this art and let them go and feel freedom and peace. Every person who will see this installation can write all your emotions on it. This type of Art therapy let people more forward with their tragic experiences.

The picture is painted with acrylic. Size 5 by 2.5 meters.
genius lovers installations
genius lovers installations
The imagery turned out to be quite dynamic and bold. Hypertrophied-artistic. Where the quirky and colorful  neo-pop style is mixed with BDSM elements and light notes of oriental attractiveness.

The silhouette and materials are chosen according to the principle of contrasting combinations, both in materials (leather-lace, mesh fabric-metal) and in colors (Red, black, white, gold). Creative Source - Alexander McQueen Spring / Summer Collection 2020

The corset and mask are framed with decorative elements. This technique was not chosen by chance. Rough, masculine textures such as leather and metal are softened by sophisticated, feminine details such as coins and beads.

All this works to enhance perception and deepen immersion of the all the imagery and emotional components of work.

The print in the form of the inscription "Life is Pain" is made with acrylic dyes for leather, and additionally decorated with the motif of one of the fabrics chosen for the project. and resolve conflicts and distress, and advance societal and ecological change through art and sound therapy, that she used in her projects

genius lovers installations
genius lovers installations
This project is planned to be presented for the first time at Art Basel in Hong Kong or Miami as soon as it could be possible. If you want to get all the information, as well if are interested in cooperation, investing or for any suggestions please contact us
The main soundtrack called «Genius Lovers». It’s a story how we all can change our life for better one if we allow ourselves to be happy, trust the world, express ourselves and follow our destiny. This song says that initially each of us was born for love and peace. Each of us is born with big and open hearts, but there are trials that sometimes prevent us from following our soul.

This composition expresses love for the world and the idea that we should all believe that the universe will help find our way, even if we are very confused. Everyone who deal with hard times is their life can ask for help. You don’t need to be alone anymore.

The music for the song is composed by the orchestra with 10 different music instruments and includes sound therapy techniques, combines vibrational frequency, human toning & world-class sound engineering, that make you deal with your emotions and let them go for better mental state. «I don’t know what I feel to you, but I know we are genius lovers» meant that perhaps we cannot accept our emotions now, but we must know that there is a state in which we feel love, happiness and peace, and we must try to find it. Only you can change everything, and we are here to help.

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