Helena-M is a project aimed at helping people with visual and hearing disabilities perceive color and sound. We see it as a portable device, like the Apple Watch, that connect with a phone with a specially designed app. The human brain has two amygdala - one in each hemisphere. The amygdala plays a key role in the formation of emotions, in particular fear.

Our mind is built on sensory experiences. Feelings continue to be recorded from birth, even some time before birth. From these sensory experiences, when they are accumulated and associated, thoughts are born. In the case of a person born blind and deaf, the visual and auditory experience will not be recorded, but the other three senses are recorded: touch, taste and smell. The mind of this person will be from the point of view of his feelings. A person can also learn how to use these feelings and build ideas for the world, but they may not be identical for people without visual and hearing impairments.

The mission of the project is to expand human capabilities of vision and hearing, even if they are limited (blind or deaf people) and let them live their life to the fullest. The project will also help people to improve their relationships. After all, Helena – M allow you to feel exactly what the other human are feeling, reduce anxiety or help with sleep. Because to this device, people will have less restrictions and they will be able to try to see the world just like all ordinary people! Also, this technology will allow you to develop existing channels of perception and become more empathic. The concept of emotional intelligence is of great importance today and we want people to be able to develop it.

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Let’s look for this technology with a specific example. For example, you need to calm down or reduce your anxiety. You select a specific relaxation function in the application. A picture appears on the phone screen with a colour in this blue. The blue wavelength is about 4.900A, 490nm. A person focuses on visualizing a given colour (for deaf people) or sound (for the blind) until he hears / feels a sound signal from a wrist device. The signal will mean that the device has synchronized with the long wave emitted by the human brain and is ready to work.

The device, having tuned in to your wave frequency, instructs the brain to normalize cortisol levels, sugar levels, blood pressure and increase the level of oxytocin in your body. Through which you get calming and stress reduction. And now later, as soon as a person thinks about a certain shade of blue and his device will be in the on mode. He will be able to automatically calm down and get a certain result if the device considers that any of the above indicators are overestimated.

Also, our device helps a person to cope with the stress level in his life. A person visualizes colours and these frequencies help him experience certain states: relaxation / deep sleep (if there are problems with sleep), reduced pain, anxiety or tension.

The functionality of the Helena-M device is planned to be made variable, so that people can choose the effect on the brain through colour or sound, depending on their strong channel. The device, synchronized with the human brain, will show certain colours or create certain vibrations that will affect the person's neural connections. Depending on the task, the program will issue a specific algorithm to be encoded in the system. The algorithms will be configured in such a way that a person can choose a program for himself according to the subject of his request. Each colour and sound will correspond to a certain frequency (colour) and sound wave (vibration), which will allow the formation of new neural connections or replace old ones with new ones. This technology can also be used to increase concentration, fight fears, and deep sleep.

We plan to involve therapists to identify average readings for each type of people with a specific heart rate and blood pressure (high / low)

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During visualization, the human brain is tuned to certain waves and correlates them with certain colours on the colour wheel. Those people with disabilities can make up for their disabilities using our device. We offer different options for people with disabilities. People with hearing impairments visualize or look at certain colours associated with certain sound waves. Visually impaired people listen to certain sound compositions associated with certain colours.

NOTE! At this stage of development, our technology does not imply restoration of vision or hearing, but allows to make people’s capabilities a little wider. We also propose to use the vibrations emitted by our device through the bracelet, which could help when you are working with both deaf and blind patients.

Here we also plan to turn to Synesthesia technology - to harmonize the human auditory and visual channels. Psychological research has shown that synesthesia can have measurable behavioral consequences, and imaging studies of functional neuroimaging of the brain have shown a difference in patterns of brain activation. Researchers find synesthesia aids the creative process. Psychologists and neurologists study synesthesia not only because of its attractiveness, but also to gain a better understanding of the process of cognition and perception, which is common to both synesthetes and ordinary people.

We see this device as compact, affordable, with a range of variations for people with different disabilities and for people who would like to learn how to work with their own or other people's emotions and to be more empathic. This help people with high levels of stress and anxiety, panic attacks and depression. The technology can be expensive, but the device itself must be affordable. (up to $ 50 per device)


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