Hey, Genius Lovers! I downloaded your sound therapy pack, and it was helpful for me and my sister. We try to deal with anxiety for so long and your music really helps to calm down and relax after stressful day! Thank you for all you are guys doing!
Andrew. W
Hi Genius Lovers! Your web site is so cool! I will recommend it to my friends who feel any type of depression and anxiety. I bought your sound therapy album and waiting for new one coz I listen to them every night before I go to bed. Thank you, Alexandra, to make it to this world!
Sheina. T
I found your web site through my friend I was really impressed! I'm sure everyone who listen to your sound therapy music will come back to buy the new tracks! I use them for meditation practice and when I feel I need to find my safe place in this world. As for me, Alexandra you make this music so special, and it helps me to avoid stress and deal better with panic attacks!
Ben. S
OMG, this is a very special sound therapy playlist.  It helps me to break the emotional wall with myself and I become grateful about my past. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I recommend it to everyone, who is scared and lost right now in these hard times.
Tiona. B
Thank you Alexandra to share your music with us! You and Anna do a great job to help the people with anxiety find a new way to deal with it! With your playlist I become to understand my feelings better, I have better control of my emotions and I finally begin to sleep on a deeper level. Looking forward for more music and your “Mental booth” project. This world really need this kind of healing and thank you again you guys do it for us!
Daniel. W
I searched and found various natural treatments for a while, until the day a friend suggested sound healing. He recommended your website to download a sound therapy album.
I would never have thought that something as natural as sounds can be the center peace of my healing process. All the methods Alexandra use in the tracks is bringing me the feeling of peace and harmony. This album really helps me to become more mentally stable and found the way to control my depressive side of personality. I found it during the pandemic, and it was a magic sign! Thank you so much!
Peter. R
Alexandra and Anna thank you for your work! I had 90min Chakra balance and sound tuning. It really was the best experience and awaken to life. I can recommend this sound therapy album to all of you, guys!
Amanda. S
Guys, your projects are insane! I wish I would have a chance to try your Mental Boost and make an art and sound therapy session in VR glasses. You bring the mental healing to the next level! I bought your mandalas and your sound therapy album for relaxation but now we listen it all together with my family! Good luck, GL!
Rene. A
Your sound therapy album «The Volume of Universe» was revelation for me this year! I lost my job during the pandemic and was angry and deal with a lot of stress. Your music bring me back to myself and help me to go forward! The energy of this music is. so strong! It took me to a very relaxed state. The sounds of flute and triangles sounds like mantra!
Thank you, Alexandra and Anna! I will recommend your website to my friends!
Richard. F
Fantastic experience with sound healing music! I feel so good afterwards and waiting for the new albums! I have never been so relaxed. And its only after 15 min of listening!
This was my first sound healing experience when I bought the album online, and I didn’t quite know what to expect. The experience really blew my mind. These melodies and Tibet bowls brought me to another universe where are no stress and pain. I relief with my depression and become happier person! I will strongly recommend this. music to the people with mental problems!
Yana. R
I ordered your digital prints and now I have already your full collection of Totems. They are awesome! Also, my brother played me your music and I was so impressed how it works on my mental state! Now we tried to listen it every evening! Good luck, GL! You do a great job!
Sasha. H
I am new to sound healing, but my friends recommended me your website! When I tried to listen to your album the first, I felt was a deep relaxation. I enjoyed the vibrations. Felt more relaxed and calmer after. I will def continue to explore this type of healing! Thank you, Alexandra and Anna!
Pavel. F
Guys, you are amazing!  New Era collection is beyond wonderful, and generally fantastic. I bought one from your digital prints collection.  Please create more art with different techniques.  I want to see more and more of your work.  I really liked your  drawing, so vivid , bold  and dynamic. Don’t forget to post your art works on your Instagram page. Whatever i can, I’ll buy some of you canvases for my home collection, if I can't, I’ll at least admire you. Thank you for being yourself in your art. 
Evgeny. S
Hi Genius Lovers,
 Your web site is so pleasure to visit.  Bright and colorful. I will recommend it to my friends against depression. I bought some of your sound therapy tracks, they calm me down when I’m exhausted after long working day.  Good luck to Sasha and Anna. You’re both make a big deal for this world)))
Elena. T
Hello GL! I found your web site by chance, through the google advertisement... I rejoiced from all the bottom of my heart with your mandalas collection. So bright and energetic.  I bought all of them. I'm sure everyone who use them for their meditation practice have a great results. As for me, I use them like Vedic yantras .I also propose you to be friends, exchange ideas, creative plans and maybe make a mutual collaboration. I am also an artist...
Of course, if it’s possible) I’ll Dm you here.
Sara. G
I liked the cheerfulness in all your art works. In this technique, it is quite difficult to convey such a futuristic and optimistic mood, which pervades all the pictures.
 I wish you an endless inspiration and continuation of individual creativity for many years to come. 
I use your tiger mandala from “symbol of the year collection” as my phone background. Looking forward to seeing your customized T-shirts with tiger, monkey and unicorn. I’ll be the first one who will order it. 
Arina. T
Good afternoon, Genius lovers! I accidentally came to visit you. My friends recommended your page.  First, I received a huge charge of happiness and positive vibes. Everything here is saturated with colors, style and new technologies. Thanks for the positive emotions I got.  Hope to visit you more often now and going to buy one of your canvas pictures. For now, I’m thinking between “Body-positive of the brain” and the one with Sailor moon. I’m Japanese and a big fan of anime-art and contemporary art. Would be wonderful if you can make canvas pictures by private order. I’ ll text you in a contact form to discuss all the details.  KEEP IT UP! And good luck with your business. 
Georgy. B
Just download my digital print and the quality is amazing! Frankly speaking, digital copies is a good alternative for someone who don’t want to pay a big price for original art works, but still want to have them. I will buy from this store again!
Alexander. J
Thank you GL, very strong sound therapy playlist.  At the end of the session, i entered a state like nirvana and be there till the next morning.  Some negative emotions are gone, I’ve become a little kinder, and really have a feeling that something bad is gone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I recommend it to everyone, I personally discovered something new for myself, and for me this therapy has become a very memorable event. 
Frank. Y
I want to thank guys for the amazing cleansing with sound therapy. I’m not new in this kind of practices. Always during the meditation, I focused my consciousness in one of the chakras, and visualized it. But with your playlist I had completely new feelings, especially when the sound of a tambourine sounded! Seems like the energy centers become real, where their presence is clearly felt.  Sound adds another dimension and the unmanifest becomes manifest. Thanks for the new experience. Looking forward for volume 2 and your “Mental booth” project. It’s a big treasure for all the people with anxiety. This world really needs this kind of healing
Vivien. S
I went through a cleansing sound therapy from Genius Lovers!  All my inner self was truly harmonized. I felt how different parts of my body light up during all the practice. How my spirit singing inside and my anxiety going away from me. The body together with the consciousness strongly vibrated, trembled, flew away... and after returned to be in a presence moment. That’s awesome.
 Thank you, GL, for taking me to such a deep and wise self-immersion process.  Glad and grateful.
Ekaterina. G
Excellent deep immersion in the sound, the energy is felt in every beat of the tambourine and the vibration of the singing bowls powerfully resonates in the body, I would say this is a sound massage)) Guys made a good job. Strongly recommended 
Kevin. F
I want to express my gratitude to Genius Lovers.  I received the painting yesterday and I am still delighted. It’s so wonderful!  I would even say - better than I expected))) I can confidently say that it was worth to wait it.  I am very, very pleased with your cooperation - you always answered to all my letters with a big efficiency, detailed explanations on all issues. I completely satisfied of the painting price, and of course the quality of the finished product I got. I will recommend your art to friends and acquaintances.  Once again, please accept my gratitude and best wishes. Good luck!
Cris. P
With great trepidation and impatience I opened the shipping package. The picture is great!!  Live looks much better than in the photo. These are some new, indescribable feelings of beauty. I’m a big collector of contemporary neo-pop art canvases. I have more than 20 in my collection. Undoubtedly, your art guys will decorate any place where it will be located. I’m lucky to be the one who get it. I will order one more for my friends gallery. Thank you for your help, for answering all the questions and of course for your masterpiece!
Uliana. T
This is the second item I’ve bought from this supplier. I downloaded digital artwork and after printed it on canvas. The main problem is- you must find a good typography for this deal. A words of advice for you guys: “would be wonderful if your future clients could buy already finished product  to avoid searching of good typography”  Anyway the colors are very vibrant, even despite the fact that the print quality in my typography was lower than I expected. I totally recommend this supplier.
Andy. D
Fantastic product even better looking in person. I ordered all mandalas collection and print them on a separate canvas. Can’t wait to give it to my daughter, she’s going to love them. She has a big problem with insomnia. And, also with concentration of attention.  She can't be focused on one thing for long time.  My wife and I decided to try alternative ways to help her. Of course, in addition to her general therapy.  Have no doubt it will work well.  Anyway, thank you for the great job you’ve already done. I read about all your projects when I explored this web site, and I wish you to achieve success in all of them. They will really be useful to this world. 
Thomas. G
I am a big fan of the Genius Lovers  art project. Frankly speaking, they are my good friends and I had an opportunity to see their development from the very beginning. All  works shoot straight to the heart and captivates in its own way. I always find something new when  I look at their paintings, because the abundance of details is very impressive. I purchased a work with a bear, called “Sweet life”. This picture is just ONE and ONLY for me.  I put it everywhere, on the screens of all my gadgets, I also have a T-shirt with my favorite “Sugar Bear”.  Every time “I get high” from one look at this work.
Digital art print with the unicorn is my second big love after the bear. The combination of pink, purple, lilac and mustard-yellow delights me, these are my favorite colors and I love unicorns. It was impossible not fall in love with. That’s why, I decided to got it immediately. I strongly recommend this art to lift your everyday mood. 

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