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NFT 256
The NFT256 Pangea is the latest in the co-creation series, created from artists' work brought together in a single NFT and signed by each of the 256 NFT artists.
The NFT was listed on the Pure NFT FOIL platform and featured in the first ever offline NFT arts auction. The venal artist funds are split among the 256 involved in the creation of their first "pure" NFT.
This NFT was sold after one our on this auction for 30000 FOILS.

256 artists from over the world created 256 unique NFTs that based on people emotions and unite in one portrait of women. The colors were chosen for this art based on art therapy methods. Genius Lovers presented 2 NFTs of this artwork.

PANGEA - the third and final series of art portraits created by collaboration of NFT 256 artists - it appeared as the quintessence of the artistic method taken by the community as a basis and at the same time as the most important and most timely meta-message to the world, transmitted through a visual experiment, the essence of which is a reflection of global processes directly related to the Noosphere, a concept introduced by the Russian scientist biogeochemist of the last century, Vladimir Vernadsky. He understood the noosphere as an integral geological shell of the Earth, formed in the process of synthesis of technologies and creative human activity, and also as natural processes. PANGEA is a physiognomic symbol of the possible unity of human consciousness, as a step to a new level of development of civilization, the transition to which we are now living and trying to realize.

ARTISTIC METHOD Faces of the artists-participants in the collaboration were fused into one whole with the help of the latest technologies. We are all part of one organism called the Universe. Visualization of the unity of man, technology, nature, planet and space, a reminder of its real possibility - this is what PANGEA is; a face that carries the colossal energy of creation and a sense of the potential of a person of a new formation who has reached the noosphere.

genius lovers collaborations

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