50 USD as a print

5500 USD as canvas picture ( shipping costs not included, please contact us to choose the best delivery solution )

-Dimension 8268px-10630px ( as a print )

-Acrylic and oil on Canvas, Decoupage. Varnished 36 x 28 in. 2020 ( as canvas picture )

-We provide all official documents for every canvas picture


Everybody dream to be rich. Live in big houses, drive an expensive cars, wear brands and travel to the most luxury hotels all around the world. Every day boy and girls looking for opportunities to make this sweet life come true. Some of them work, study, improve themselves everyday to be one step closer to their dreams. Others choose to find someone to spoil them. They spend all the resources, beauty, time to find someone who will buy them Birkin, Ferrari and fancy apartments. Money is meant to be. You can feel independent when you can buy everything you want. But you can’t buy love, respect, care.You can’t buy real friends and mentors.

When you are alone in your big house and nobody are around, just ask yourself: is it a sweet life? Is it my dream?

You can earn money. You can earn influence. But you couldn’t feel happy without love and passion. Life is freedom. Life is an incredible journey. So do you want to live or pretend?


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