50 USD as a print

5500 USD as canvas picture ( shipping costs not included, please contact us to choose the best delivery solution )

-Dimension 8268px-10630px ( as a print )

-Acrylic and oil on Canvas, Decoupage. Varnished 36 x 28 in. 2020 ( as canvas picture )

-We provide all official documents for every canvas picture


Every girl has a secret power. She can have everything. She can fall in love and inspire. She is passionate and fearless. She knows how to turn everything into money. She lives every day in pleasure and enjoys every moment.

Her power is her independence and beauty. Her heart and her brain. Her power is living with all up and downs her dream life. She follows her heart and money is coming into her life. She knows every answer. All answers are already inside.

You think, she is a super hero like Sailor Moon. Yes, she is. She is a woman. She saves this universe with her love and her passion. She knows what she want and get it. She is real but magical. She is you.


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