50 USD as a print

4000 USD as canvas picture ( shipping costs not included, please contact us to choose the best delivery solution )

-Dimension 8268px-10630px ( as a print )

-Acrylic and oil on Canvas, Decoupage. Varnished 36 x 28 in. 2020 ( as canvas picture )

-We provide all official documents for every canvas picture


The universe has a law: you want it and you get it.

Every day in social media we saw million people, who want to be famous. They want to show the life that is not real. They want to Be someone who has nothing in common with their personality. Every day we have a choice. But how we can choose from the million suggestions?! The oversaturation of the media market pushes us to choose all or nothing. We create a universe of billion dollar ideas, but we couldn’t choose from any of them. The bodypositive of the brain is an art work that shows us what is happens when we want all of this but we don’t want to make value.

The rules are broken. We need to focus on the main things.

Are you just your image and your ideas? No, you are more. The correct answer is always choose yourself.


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